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Dowry shopping list

Dowry shopping list

Dowry shopping list

Dowry shopping list

Buying a dowry is one of the most enjoyable and exciting purchases that people experience. Usually, when buying dowry, various products are introduced by friends and acquaintances, which causes confusion for the bride and groom. Many people are influenced by the atmosphere and emotions and unknowingly buy products that may not be suitable for them.
If you are a confused bride and groom or are preparing dowry for your child, this article can be very helpful.


Consider the budget


First, determine your minimum and maximum budget so that you can choose the right products and avoid buying unnecessary goods.
No one dislikes having complete equipment with the highest quality and facilities. But how far has your pocket left your hand? The only person who can determine the necessary or unnecessary means of buying dowry is you.

When the salesmen see a young couple who are preparing a dowry, they offer them all kinds of products and talk in such a way that life without this product is not possible at all! None of us can ignore the impact of high prices on home appliances.
Iranian household appliances have different prices according to the brand and model and the facilities they offer.
If your pocket allows and you like to buy a variety of products, then buy whatever the seller offers! If you have set a specific budget for dowry, you should be more sensitive and choose or reject products very consciously.




An important part of the main and essential products of every home is related to kitchen appliances. The prices of these products are different according to the brand and model, and we will introduce the best ones. But for buying other smaller products such as services and dishes, it doesn’t really matter what brand you get; You should choose the product according to your taste and budget.


Refrigerator freezer


One of the most important and challenging choices is buying a suitable refrigerator. Please do not compare the refrigerator of the father’s house with the refrigerator of the young couple’s house! A family of two does not need a high-capacity refrigerator; Of course, couples who like to party and travel a lot should choose spacious refrigerators.




The gas stove is one of the main purchases of the dowry. If you are very lucky, your new shared house has a gas stove and you don’t need to buy one for now. In most cases, renting couples prefer to provide the gas stove by themselves.
A gas stove is the main cooking tool and you can’t be encouraged to use a gas stove in a rented house! Because it is not known whether there is a gas stove in the next house or not. Therefore, it is better to include the purchase of a gas stove in your dowry list from the beginning. The price of gas stoves is different according to the facilities and capabilities they have.


washing machine


Washing machine is one of the main and essential needs of every home and it cannot be ignored. The good news is that whatever your budget, you can get the right washing machine. If you have a limited budget for buying a washing machine, a twin washing machine is the best choice for you. But if you’re open to choice and can afford an automatic washing machine, go for it.


Other kitchen appliances


Skipping the big and main kitchen appliances, we come to the attractive part of buying small kitchen appliances. The kitchen is the heart of the house! So the heart of your home should be beating and strong. In order to fully equip your kitchen, you need the following items.
Tea Maker
Tea maker is one of your main purchases. It is better to choose a modern tea maker that has the ability to keep warm, adjust the temperature, and have an automatic shut-off system. The type of kettle and teapot is also one of the important things that should be paid special attention to.




Today, it is one of the most efficient kitchen appliances. This product is for people who want to eat healthy and oil-free foods; It is the best option. The air conditioner uses the element as a heating mechanism; The rapid movement of air causes the food to cook well, which in this case works much better than the microwave.
High heat and hot air reduce the cooking time and, of course, make the food crispy. With the help of air fryer, you can grill all kinds of meat, including steak, fish and chicken. It is also possible to cook all kinds of vegetables and cakes and sweets easily.


Toaster oven


Nowadays, very important and practical features have been added to oven toasters, which make most of your cooking simpler and faster. It is better to make sure that there is a convection fan when buying a toaster oven. Convection fan makes food cook quickly and evenly, and almost most modern toaster ovens have this feature.




It is better to get a multi-functional juicer that can handle juicing, crushing and grinding. In this way, you may no longer need to buy a shredder. When buying a juicer, be sure to pay attention to the capacity of the tank, the material of the body and the ability to adjust the speed.


rice cooker


There are many products that make the cooking process simple and easy. Some young couples may not have much experience in cooking and hospitality. The rice cooker comes to your aid here and prepares your rice as well as the rice that mothers prepare! Today, rice cookers do not only cook rice. Multifunctional rice cookers or multicookers are capable of cooking all kinds of food such as soup, stew, yogurt and cake; Multi-function rice cookers even have the ability to fry, steam, reheat food and even keep warm, so you probably won’t need to buy a microwave again.


Food processor or chopper


If you need a versatile device, a food processor is the right choice. The food processor can do things like chopping, mashing, grating, mixing, kneading and slicing very well.


Pot service


Granite pot is the best choice for people who just started cooking; Granite is a combination of Teflon and ceramic. Cooking with the help of this granite pot is simple and easy; You can be sure that it is resistant to shocks and scratches. Steel pots are also a good choice. They are very healthy and spread the heat evenly in the dish; But if you have just started cooking, the possibility of burning food in this pot is high. In general, it is better to get a granite pot service to make sure that it does not have any special problems and you can easily cook with it.


Chinese dining service


It doesn’t matter which brand you end up buying from; It depends on your taste. Just make sure when buying that it can be placed in the microwave and dishwasher.


Pans in different sizes


The pot set you buy may have one or two pans; Don’t settle for these pans! You will definitely need more pans in different sizes. The best and healthiest choice is a Pyrex pan, and granite and cast iron pans are the next options.
The main kitchen purchases are over; But note that you still need to buy small appliances for everyday use.


reception hall


The reception hall is more important; Almost most of the activities such as eating, hanging out, watching movies and series and many other daily activities are in the hospitality environment. Therefore, more sensitivity should be used in arranging and choosing the right equipment.




Maybe watching movies and series is one of the main programs of every couple. All brides and grooms try to get a TV that has good sound quality and image quality, and most importantly, it is smart and has a reasonable price! Is it possible to have all these features at the same time?!
Whether your TV is smart or not, you can have all these features at the same time. If you have enough budget to buy a smart TV, definitely do it. But if you have a limited budget, you need to be more sensitive. If you are looking to buy a high-quality and economical TV, you can not make the smartness of the TV one of your main priorities and pay attention to more important factors such as image quality and sound quality, and simply buy an Android box and turn it into a smart TV. do; In this way, you will be able to use the Internet.


Cooler and heater


According to the weather, space and dimensions of the house, you should prepare suitable devices for cooling and heating the house. In general, coolers with scroll and piston motors have more performance and efficiency. If you live in tropical areas like Khuzestan, it is better to get a gas heater so that it costs less for you.


TV Stand


You don’t have to pay a lot for a TV stand; Whatever budget you have, you can easily choose your favorite TV table. Just consider the furniture and the overall style of the house when buying to make the right choice between modern and classic TV stands.




If your house is ceramic or parquet, you don’t need to carpet the entire reception area. Consider only the middle part, in most cases a 6 or 9 meter carpet is enough; This choice will give your home a stylish and modern look.




In order to save money, the best choice is an L sofa. This style of furniture is very popular among young couples; Therefore, manufacturers always offer a wide variety of designs that make it easy for you to choose.




It totally depends on your taste, if you like royal curtains and linen, you should probably budget more for curtains. Remember that nothing can make your salon look like a simple and white silk. By choosing a simple silk, you can accept more light and be sure that the white silk curtain will never become old and out of fashion.




The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation; Therefore, the comfort and theme of the bedroom is very important and effective. To provide a comfortable and modern room, you only need the following accessories.


bed set


When buying bedding, you will face different prices depending on the material and design. The good news is that you can choose the design you want with almost any taste and budget.




By preparing the mentioned accessories, you can have a stylish and modern home and meet all the daily needs of your life. You can make this list more or less depending on your needs and budget. We hope that Rodhom will play a small but influential role in the beginning of your life.

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